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Why PR Is Important for Construction Marketing

The concept of public relations (PR) can be a bit nebulous and is often confused with marketing, but they are two different things. Successful construction companies should be utilising both if they’re serious about growing their brands.

Consider this: press releases are still the most trusted source of information for 54% of journalists in the UK, and 100% of journalists say their number one method of finding stories is through press releases. With the right PR strategy, you may not even have to approach journalists, trade magazines, or websitesthey’ll approach you.

The hardest thing for any company is to get noticed in a sea of competition, so telling your story, with insight and detail, in trusted sources offers a sense of legitimacy that builds awareness, familiarity and trust in your brand.

A carefully managed PR campaign can attract investors. The right strategy sends the message that you’re a stable, professional, and lucrative partner, and this could be very beneficial when the next round of funding comes. Several of Build PR's client have secured investment, distribution deals and increased sales thanks to their PR work with us.

A PR campaign will build your reputation as a trusted leader in the industry. This trust can be leveraged in numerous ways, such as seminars, conferences, and written pieces for publications, all of which continue to grow your brand and push your messaging.

It’s not just other companies that will be attracted to you; top candidates will be as well. In an era where competition for the best talent is fierce, you can increase your profile among the best and brightest workers. Cultivating a reputation as a great employer will be necessary as you continue to grow. And it’s not just new blood that PR benefits; it also helps retain the talent you have by boosting morale and creating a sense of pride in working for your company.

When it comes down to it, PR is an essential tool that will ultimately lead to greater exposure, growth, and revenue. By crafting a stronger brand presence in the construction industry, you’ll be thrust into the spotlight, ahead of the competition.

Build PR is a small, friendly consultancy that cares about its clients and works tirelessly to give you the maximum return on your investment. We have represented some of the biggest names in the construction industry. See how we have helped companies with their construction PR.

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