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Why PR is Your Strategic Ally

in the Construction Supply Chain

Building Success

Navigating the complexities of the construction industry requires more than just quality products; it demands strategic partnerships and savvy marketing techniques. That's where PR comes into play, particularly if you are selling through builders' merchants and electrical wholesalers. 

Build PR's latest guide, penned by industry expert Richard Pagett, provides an in-depth exploration of how effective PR strategies can directly influence your sales and business growth.

Build PR's Guide

How PR Supports Sales Through Builders Merchants and Electrical Wholesalers

Build PR's Guide: Sealing the Deal - How PR Supports Sales Through Builders Merchants and Electrical Wholesalers

This exclusive guide has been written for Marketing Managers, Marketing Directors and Managing Directors of manufacturing firms within the construction sector. 

You will gain insights on:

  • The critical role of PR in your distribution and sales strategy.

  • How PR enhances product visibility and customer trust.

  • Practical tips for leveraging and measuring PR to strengthen supplier relationships.

Easy Access to Expert Advice

Receiving your free digital copy of this comprehensive guide is straightforward. Simply fill out the form with your Name, Company, and Email Address. We ensure that your information is kept confidential and is used solely to enhance your experience with Build PR.

About the Author

Richard Pagett MCIPR is founder of Build PR and has delivered successful PR campaigns for some of the leading names in the construction industry. His expertise is invaluable for manufacturers and suppliers aiming to secure a competitive edge in the market.


Understanding the synergy between public relations and sales channels can transform your business approach. Fill out the form today and start integrating PR into your business strategy more effectively. Download now to step ahead in the competitive construction industry landscape.

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