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Our foundations for effective PR in the construction industry

For some organisations, defining success when working with public relations agencies can be frustrating. Insufficient planning, poor knowledge of the sector combined with ignorance of PR best practice leads to at best a woolly idea of what you have paid for, or worse, a failure to gain any coverage at all.


That is why we created the Build Blueprint

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We give your campaign the focus it needs to succeed


We will define the most effective tactics and channels for your campaign

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Our content and use of language is key to engaging with your audience


Pinpoint accuracy on where and how your customers get their information  

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Our planning, hard work and connections will deliver the results your campaign deserves

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Built upon CIPR best practice and over 20 years of experience in PR and communications, it brings structure and measurability to PR activity, and provides marketing managers with a reference point for their strategic, tactical and budget planning. 

From product launches and brand awareness to crisis communications and social media engagement, the Blueprint works. 

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"Their extensive editorial experience and creative flair has produced significant coverage for the Big Wipes brand. They are as passionate about our brand and success as we are and are always responsive, dedicated and hands-on.  Highly professional, in addition to a great sense of humour, they are a joy to work with." 


Big Wipes

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