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Using Social Influencers to Take Your Construction Marketing to the Next Level

Social media tends to be overlooked in the construction industry. Many business leaders within the industry believe that social influencers only operate successfully within the realm of pop culture in gaming, fashion, and cosmetics.

However, social influencers are active in virtually all industries—including those who promote brands and companies within the construction industry.

Social influencers wield considerable power in building brand perception and swaying the purchasing decisions of their followers, who trust the influencer’s reviews and opinions about a product or service.

The benefits of using social influencers

In this age of digital transformation, with its ‘digital-first’ mindset, having a robust digital presence that sets you apart from competitors is crucial for overall brand success.

Having a social influencer involved in your construction marketing campaign can bring a whole host of benefits.

The right influencers for your brand:

● Leverage their knowledge and background to create unique and visually appealing, quality content, such as product or service reviews, interviews, or guest blogging that reaches a wide audience and potential leads

● Help build audience awareness and engagement with your brand—the foundation for increasing sales

● Provide awareness of new trends, developments, and stories in the construction industry, as well as online forums, conferences, and expos that your company should be a part of

How to get started with using influencer marketing:

Identify your audience

Before you start your journey of social influencer partnership, first decide or identify your target audience. For instance, if you’re a regional company with a product specific to the locale, don’t waste your money using general-based influencers.

Identify what your audience truly cares about, what they need and find interesting, and build your marketing strategy around that information.

Find the right influencers

While having social influencers as partners who create content for you may be more expensive, the long-term financial gain is worth it.

Your search for the right social influencers should often begin with major social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and should assess the value of an influencer's content—not just their audience size.

It’s important not to make hasty decisions about whom to partner with; deliberation is key. When contacting them, find out whether or not this person is actually right for your brand.

Key considerations include:

Type of content

Some social influencers cover a wide array of content within the overall industry. Other social influencers focus on specific building materials or techniques. Find out whether or not your product or service addresses a general or specific need of your target audience, then search for a social influencer with content that aligns with your brand scope.

Type of audience

Gauge the social influencer’s typical audience member or follower and consider whether they match your brand’s target audience.

Delivery style

Consider whether or not the social influencer’s style of delivery matches the overall style and tone you envision for your brand. Does the social influencer communicate in an authentic, convincing, and personable way—and would they be able to promote your brand in the same way?

Finalise the partnership

Make sure you’re clear about your expectations and how they plan to help you deliver good ROI as well as mitigate risk. At the same time, it’s important to give them the necessary levels of creative freedom to create a whole package of content around your materials and effectively build your brand amongst online audiences.

The power of a social influencer partnership

Leveraging social media and social influencers is a powerful and vital strategy for developing leads, growing your business, competing in the industry, and converting casual audiences into engaged customers. Social influencers for construction marketing offer serious and authoritative insight into the products, services, and solutions worth spending time, money, and energy on.

Bysupplementing your construction marketing strategy with a social influencer partnership, you will more often than not set your company apart and above the competition.

Build PR offers an influencer marketing service. Get in touch today to find out more.



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