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Using Podcasts as Part of a Successful Construction PR Strategy

Podcasts really need no introduction. They’re everywhere, and their popularity cannot be overstated — with over 19 million people in the UK regularly listening to podcasts, that’s a huge market.

When you think of podcasts, you might immediately think of true crime or comedy, but should businesses be putting out their own podcasts? Absolutely. In fact, 82% of marketers plan to continue investing the same amount or increase their investment in podcasts. That’s because savvy marketers realise what a critical tool podcasts are in a brand's PR arsenal. Let’s look at some of the benefits of starting a podcast for your construction company.

One of the greatest benefits of podcasts is their sheer versatility. Better than text or even video, podcasts can be enjoyed anywhere — while you’re walking, commuting, or even exercising. Anyone with a smartphone can listen to them, which is just about everyone. Added to this is how you can easily repurpose your podcasts. For example, a transcript can quickly be tidied up to form a blog post or social media post. Snippets can also be turned into an infographic or video.

This dovetails into another advantage of producing a podcast, which is that it serves to boost your brand’s presence online. It can introduce people to your construction business and create social engagement through comments and interviews, which then feeds back into the podcast. You can tell your brand’s story and personalise it, showing the human side behind the brand. This is a great way to attract people and differentiate yourself from similar businesses.

Similarly, a podcast helps you become a thought leader in your sector. By being knowledgable and discussing interesting topics, you’ll come across well, and your listeners will trust you and your services. After all, people listen to podcasts not only to be entertained but also to learn new things.

Lastly, podcasts massively boost brand loyalty. They are a more intimate and personal medium than anything else; it’s just you, your voice, and your thoughts. This creates an emotional connection between you and your listeners, which is hard to replicate through text or video. You can go even further by encouraging listeners to write or call in order to really engage with your community.

Simply put, every business should have a podcast, and it should be a vital part of your PR strategy. If you need help starting yours, then look no further than Build PR. We’re the PR specialists for the construction industry. With our insider knowledge, we speak the language of construction, and yes, we’ve launched podcasts for our clients. Not only do we produce podcasts, but we can also help place guests onto them. If you want the big agency impact and connections of a construction specialist but without the big agency fees, then contact us today

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