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Top 5 tips: Writing winning award entries

The benefits of winning awards are numerous: if you’re an award-winning small business you can see a 63% increase in income and a 39% growth in sales. There are other advantages to winning awards too, such as free marketing, increased credibility and a step up in attracting top talent.

The construction industry has many awards which manufacturers and even marketing teams can enter, so how do you write a winning award entry? Here are our top 5 tips on writing the best award entries:

1) Choose your project

You might have many projects you’re proud of, perhaps even collaborative projects with other businesses. When choosing the project you want to put forward, thoroughly check out the criteria to make sure that it’s eligible. For example, most awards necessitate that your project has been live for at least a year. Do your research.

2) Create your strategy

If you’re doing this alone then it’s time to start planning. Search the web for upcoming awards, look at trusted magazine titles as they will host key industry award events. Also check out your competitors to see what awards they’ve won. Can you compete? Getting a list of the perfect competitions to enter is a vital step towards planning your success.

3) Set your budget

Many awards aren’t free, so make sure you’re aware of all the costs associated with entering. This includes entry fees of course, but what’s the cost in man hours prepping for entry? Be aware of printing and material costs, it all adds up. Make sure you budget for the awards evening too. You’ve worked hard and deserve a fun night out with your team!

4) Back up your claims

You’ll want to make sure that everything you say is verifiable. Figures, charts, images, use them all and shape them accordingly to the format of the entry. Remember, it's not just about the text; presentation and design are also important. Some of the best en we have seen have been imaginative: embracing video, graphic design and tailored entries for each judge. Some don’t accept media, so double check. Try and get customer reviews to back up your products for your entry.

5) Check then recheck

When you’re happy with your submission, make sure you proofread it. After all that hard work it would be such a shame to lose points because of careless spelling mistakes or incoherent sentences. Go through it carefully and ask friends and colleagues to check it too. A fresh pair of eyes can spot things you can’t.

If you need help writing a winning award entry then look no further than Build PR. We’re a small, friendly consultancy that cares about its clients and works tirelessly to give you the maximum return on your investment. We have a track record of writing winning award entries for our clients. We have also secured considerable trade press coverage, boosted social media presence, and altered customer perspectives. Check out our case studies here.



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