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How Does My Company Become a Thought Leader?

Being a ‘thought leader’ has become an important goal for both individuals and organisations who want to influence people within, and even outside, their industry because of the personal and professional benefits the status brings.

Whilst not every individual or company can become a thought leader, striving to become one can open new opportunities for your brand.

But what is a thought leader?

Thought leaders provide original and unique content, expertise, and insight that are widely-recognised to be a credible source of information within their industry.

In turn, their perspectives inspire and motivate people to action and meaningful change.

Benefits of being a thought leader

There are a host of long-term benefits that come from being a thought leader.

Thought leaders enjoy greater:

● Trust and confidence amongst consumers regarding the leader’s opinions on topics, products, and services as well as a decreased sense of risk

● Brand reputation, awareness, leads, and sales

● Confidence and authenticity amongst their sales team as they promote your brand—which audiences and potential customers will positively respond to

Strategies to becoming a thought leader

The journey to becoming a thought leader can be challenging. Fortunately, there are a number of effective strategies that can boost you and your organisation’s chances of becoming an influential voice in your industry.

Know your target audience

Have a clear idea of your target audience’s pain points, challenges, and concerns within your industry, as well as their desires and goals. Learn to anticipate the questions they have and be the first to provide the answers they need.

Develop original research

Thought leaders become leaders through original insight, ideas, and unique perspectives that are relevant and of high interest to their audience.

Seek partnerships

You don’t have to go it alone. Manufacturers can look for partnerships on issues that really matter with, for instance, industry bodies, or other manufacturers if the synergy is right.

Create content

Take the first step

Take that first step and share your thoughts and expertise through text and/or video format.

If you feel daunted or even overwhelmed, start small.

Be consistent

Through daily practice and consistency with establishing your online presence, you will improve your delivery.

Establish connection

Establish credibility and relatability with your audience by not only touting your accomplishments but also sharing your failures and tips on what to avoid within your industry.

Answer the pressing questions

Search for questions that people within the industry seem to have unanswered—then answer them. This engages your audience with information that you already know is relevant to their needs and goals.

Stick to a specific message

Also remember to stick to a specific and simple message that underlies all of your content. This consistency in message makes it easier for your audience to discern and remember what you’re all about and how your content is relevant to their lives.

Post on multiple platforms

Thought leaders need to be where their audience is.

Have your presence and unique perspectives known across several channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter, in which you provide your unique insights and answers to pressing questions within your industry.

Keep updated on the latest news and developments

Almost all industries experience fast-paced changes. Your audience will expect regular updates along with a deepening understanding of their value and relevance.

Thought leaders never fail in providing their audience with what they need to know, along with their own insights.

Practice self-reflection

It’s vital that thought leaders take time to analyse their thoughts, actions, and behaviours on a daily basis. Doing so leads to self-awareness and helps you develop more ideas rooted in deeper wisdom and unique perspectives for which your audience will surely keep coming back.

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