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Five ways to adapt to new Building Regulations

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

New Building Regulations are going to impact everybody in the construction industry. Fundamental changes are taking place which will transform the way we build, heat and power our homes as we move towards Net Zero.

The scope of the changes may at first seem overwhelming, especially if it is your job to communicate how the changes may impact your products and consequently your customers.

As the construction industry begins to digest the ramifications for their products and strategies, we have put together five tactics to marketing and communications professionals in the industry help adapt to the changes:

1. Seize the moment. Identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats posed by regulation change. Once you have identified them, it will become easier to communicate effectively as your company looks to navigate the challenges and benefit from the upside.

2. Be clear. Regurgitating very dry Building Regulations is not the way to most stakeholders’ hearts – or wallets. But informed, plain English which educates, informs and yes, sells, is achievable. Get to grips with the changes which affect you the most and formulate the messaging to fit your audience.

3. Be a trusted advisor. Be sensitive to your different audience’s reactions to the changes. The phasing out of fossil fuels will fundamentally change the way installers will have to approach their livelihoods. By being as transparent and customer focused in your messaging as possible, you can position your company as trusted advisors. That way your customers are more likely to absorb what you say and yes – choose your products.

4. Revise your key messages over time. Once new regulations appear, interpretation and clarification will be the initial drivers, followed by practical messaging to those having to live with them on a daily basis. Make sure your messaging reflects this.

5. Avoid Greenwash. As we move to Net Zero, be careful not to overdo your green credentials when it comes to the benefits your product brings. The risk to your reputation is too great to risk through hyperbole and spin. Conversely, recognise that within your audiences, just as in society, Net Zero is purely a political issue.

If you need help with your messaging or communications contact Build PR today for a confidential discussion.

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