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Cistermiser and Keraflo choose Build PR

Build PR is thrilled to announce that two famous names, Cistermiser and Keraflo, have chosen us as their trusted PR partner. This strategic collaboration aims to enhance their outreach to specifiers, builders' merchants and installers, crucial segments within the construction industry.

Cistermiser, renowned for its innovative water-saving solutions, and Keraflo, a leader in cold water storage tank management, recognise the importance of effective communication to engage with their target audience.

Build PR stood out to Cistermiser and Keraflo for several compelling reasons. Our extensive experience and deep understanding of the construction industry ensure that we can effectively tailor messages that resonate with specifiers, builders' merchants and installers. Our proven track record of successful campaigns demonstrates our ability to drive engagement and build strong relationships within these key demographics.

Furthermore, Build PR's integrated approach combines traditional PR with digital strategies, ensuring comprehensive coverage and maximum impact. Our commitment to understanding the unique needs of our clients allows us to craft personalised strategies that align with their business objectives.

"We are proud to work with Cistermiser and Keraflo, two brands that are at the forefront of innovation in the construction industry," said Richard Pagett, Managing Director of Build PR. "Our team is dedicated to helping them achieve their communication goals and expand their reach within the industry."



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